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About the Blog

Sharon Ryan, Ph.D.THE QUESTION is West Virginia University's on-line educational project which aims to promote respectful discussion about big questions and ideas.  It is a place to think, learn, and ask more questions. Our goal is to spark interesting discussions around dinner tables, coffee shops, student unions, college dorms, classrooms, and beyond.  

Sharon Ryan, Professor of Philosophy at WVU, created THE QUESTION in 2004 as a way of building an intellectual community and demonstrating the critical role of philosophical questions in critical decisions and controversies. The goal of THE QUESTION is to get everyone, including young children, engaged in thinking carefully about big questions. In fact, several of the earliest discussions were interviews conducted with children. This project has been featured on National Public Radio, Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, Spirituality and Health, as well as other outlets.  

If you have helpful suggestions for, or questions to pose on THE QUESTION, contact Professor Sharon Ryan at: