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Big Ideas Contest!

WVU STUDENTS: Do you have big ideas?  Of course you do!  So, enter THE QUESTION’s big ideas contest! 

THE QUESTION invites all WVU students to submit a short essay (300 word maximum) or short video (2 minute maximum) in response to our question.  The top student contribution for each question will be published on our website.  Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria: technical quality of writing or video, creativity, interest to a university audience, and the accuracy of ideas presented.

At the end of the academic year, a committee of faculty, students, and staff will choose the best student contribution of the entire year.  The overall winner of the contest will win an iPad! 

Question #9: When and why should we forgive?

                Submission Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, May 1st.

Question #8: Has the Bible been a positive or negative influence on history?

                Submission Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, April 24th.

Question #7: Why Read or Write Literature?

                Submission Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, April 24th.

Question #5: What does recovery mean to you?

                Submission Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, April 24th.                

Question #4: How is the world different in another language? 

                Submission Deadline:  Midnight, Sunday, April 17th.  

Please send submissions to Dr. Sharon Ryan, WVU philosopher and creator of THE QUESTION at:

Be sure to include with your submission, your name, academic major, contact information, and your WVU ID#Please put the title of the question in the subject line of your email.