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  • What would academe look like without the university press?

What would academe look like without the university press?

THE QUESTION (2015-2016) is devoted to a celebration of the arts and humanities.  In this issue, we focus on the West Virginia University Press.   Several staff members at the WVU Press share with us their thoughts about the essential role a university press plays in the intellectual and cultural life of a university and society.  A university press specializes in the publication of carefully researched, dutifully edited, peer-reviewed work that provides us with reliable sources that help us understand our world.  What would academe be like without the university press?  What would we know without a university press?  As always, the blog (scroll way down to the very bottom) is open for you to share your own ideas.  THE QUESTION promotes a vibrant intellectual culture at WVU that encourages learning, exploration, and inquiry.  

Please check out the links below for some exciting opportunities at the WVU Press.  You can weigh in on a book cover contest for West Virginia poet laureate, Marc Harshman's newest book. Just follow the link, choose your favorite, and cast your vote.  And, if you are a graduate student interested in learning about how to get your work published, on February 18, from 9am-11am, the WVU Press is hosting a panel of experts to help you.  Click the link below for details.