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What does recovery mean to you?

WVU's newly formed Collegiate Recovery Program provides students with a supportive community to help them map out a more gratifying, healthy, and successful college experience. Through THE QUESTION, WVU's Collegiate Recovery Program is reaching out to students, community members, mental health professionals, faculty, and staff to begin a discussion about what recovery means to you.   What is recovery?  How could a recovery program help you or someone you care about?   What are some of the challenges of college life that make the road to recovery particularly difficult for students? Do you have any helpful words of wisdom and encouragement for students committed to this courageous, life changing journey? Have you found any activities, places, people, or ideas helpful in recovery? Many students, for a wide variety of reasons, seek out healthy and enjoyable alternatives to the college party scene.  How are students having sober and healthy fun at WVU? 

WVU's Collegiate Recovery Program will continue this discussion on campus on April 25th at 7pm in the Gluck Theatre of the Mountainlair.  "What does recovery mean to you?" will include a panel of people with stories to share. Students and members of the community are especially encouraged to attend.

We would love to hear from you on this blog!  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section at the far bottom of this page. If you are a student, please blog in and also consider entering your ideas in our Big Ideas Contest.  (Click on "Big Ideas Contest" in the navigation bar for more details.) 

Cathy Yura and Susie Mullens of WVU's Collegiate Recovery Program will begin the discussion.  I also included links to two New York Times articles that provide insight into Collegiate Recovery Programs.  Enjoy!