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Should College Be Free?

College is an expensive investment for many people. A democracy works best when its citizens are well educated. Should a college education be provided to all Americans, free of charge?  Who would/should pay for it? Is the current system broken?  What do you think? Please share your ideas in the comments section.  To add a comment, please click read full article, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and type in the designated area.
Jay Cole

We will devote several issues of THE QUESTION to this topic.  Our first issue in this series is led by Dr. Jay Cole, Senior Advisor to President E. Gordon Gee at West Virginia University. In addition to his role in the President's office, Dr. Cole works with WVU ASPIRE, advising students competing for the Truman Scholarship, the nation's most prestigious award for students committed to public service leadership. This semester, he is teaching  Dante and His World for the WVU Honors College. Dr. Cole received his PhD in Higher Education and Public Policy from the University of Michigan; his MA in Higher Education and Public Policy from Ohio State University; and his BA in History and Political Science from the Honors College at West Virginia University.  Dr. Cole was WVU's 13th Truman Scholar.   Please scroll down and watch the video featuring Dr. Cole setting the stage for an interesting discussion.  Don't forget to share your ideas in the blog, which is located below the video box.