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Who and what should we forgive?

THE QUESTION will wrap up the 2015-16 academic year focusing on the topic of forgiveness. WVU philosophers Matthew Talbert, Jessica Wolfendale and Sharon Ryan, along with Glen Pettigrove from the University of Auckland, share some insights to stimulate further thought and discussion.

What is forgiveness?  Must we always forgive?  Should forgiveness be conditional upon a sincere apology and genuine remorse?  Is it ever morally acceptable to not forgive?  Are some actions, or the people who perform them, fundamentally unforgivable?  What is the role of apology in forgiveness?  Is forgiveness a power we have over others?  If so, how does it work?  Are the guiding principles of self-forgiveness the same as the guiding principles of forgiving others?  What are the emotional costs and benefits of forgiving, failing to forgive, or mindfully choosing to not forgive?

Please share your own ideas and questions in the comment section of this blog.  (Scroll way down to the bottom of the page.)  THE QUESTION promotes a community of honest, open, and respectful inquiry.

Students who wish to submit an essay or video on forgiveness for our Big Ideas Contest have until midnight on Monday, May 2.  Click here for details.